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    Hors d’oeuvre style parties are required to reach a minimum of 25 guests.
    Hors d’oeuvres are replenished for one and a half to two hours
    Prices are based per item (not per piece)

    Platters / Displays / Trays per 25 Guests

    Crudités Platter (Fresh Vegetables) 60.00
    Domestic & Imported Cheese 95.00
    Fresh Seasonal Fruit 75.00
    Antipasto Tray 150.00

    Cold Appetizers per 25 Guests

    Bruschetta 75.00
    Jumbo Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce 95.00
    Marinated shrimp or crab shooters 125.00
    Assorted Finger Sandwiches Choices optional 100.00
    BBQ Duck wrapped in bacon 95.00
    Ahi Tuna 95.00
    Scallops wrapped in bacon 95.00

    Hot Appetizers per 25 Guests

    Crab Fondue 75.00
    Italian, Swedish or Thai glazed Meatballs 75.00
    Battered Shrimp in a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce 95.00
    Assorted Stuffed Mushrooms 80.00
    Mini Beef Wellingtons 95.00
    Mini Vegetable Eggrolls 75.00
    Spanakopita 75.00
    Pork pot stickers with peanut sauce 75.00